Mercury Toxicity, something you need to know

by suzy on July 15, 2011

Here is a topic that I can speak to from personal experience.  I won’t bore you with the details, only to say that I had no idea the serious health repercussions that come from either ingested mercury in the body or outgassing [that goes on for years] of mercury in teeth.  Here is a very good book, A Mouth Full of Poison, the Truth About Mercury Amalgam Fillings, by Dr. Myron Wentz. 

You may find this of interest. Click here to view two charts that depict the teeth by number and their relationship to emotions and organs in the body.  This is according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and may even give you new insight into dental issues and health concerns you’ve had in the past, or may still have.  Many believe that the teeth and gums are the first indication of the overall health of the body.  It is definitely something to think about.

Mercury is absorbed the fastest under the tongue and in the cheeks, which is typically closest to your fillings.  Drinking any hot beverage has a tendency to cause the mercury within the filling to “outgas” and this continues for a very long time, regardless of what your dentist may tell you.  Dr. Wentz’ book gives you the history of how the American Dental Association has dealth with this issue.

Mercury destroys adjacent tissues, finds easy access into your lymph system and subsequently your blood stream.  Once in the blood stream all cells and tissue are vulnerable, including the lungs.  You will find some frequently asked questions from Dr. Huggins quite helpful.  If you have ever been torn between a root canal or extraction, the answers can be found here.  Some information can be controversial and I personally have not used his supplements, so I have no opinion or recommendation at this time.  I simply promote educating oneself and offer easy access to information.

Here is what he says about what happens at the cellular level.  Because it is a “heavy metal” it has specific properties.  “Mercury and its compounds are adept at traveling through the “lipid soluble” cells membranes. Cell  membranes contain roughly 60% protein and 40% fat. Nerve cells are an exception, containing nearly 75% fat.  These fat-rich membranes determine what enters the cell and what does not. Methyl mercury is oxidized into the “ionic” form of mercury. This is a very destructive form of mercury. (Its problem is that it cannot travel very far.)  Methyl mercury is the most dangerous form due to its ability to travel great distances and enter all cells. After the trip, methyl mercury is converted into ionic form.  The ionic form is what  actually disrupts internal structures and metabolic pathways that keep a cell alive and producing proteins,  enzymes, hormones, whatever, that are the purpose of the existence of the cell.

What tissue the mercury decides to target depends upon your body, but know that the kidneys and lungs are high on the list.  And what about your brain and the high incidence of Alzheimer’s in the Boomer population!  Mercury becomes illusive in the body, it changes form and mimics other elements in the body so that it cannot be detected.  It attaches to the cells in your body and attacks enzymes, DNA and any tissue.  Your body reacts and over time, you will find a condition known as auto immune disease.  Your body gets so confused with so many toxins and heavy metals that it simply reacts to everything and sometimes begins attacking itself.

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